Why Trade FX

24 hour market, the most liquid market, very few transaction costs

Most forex traders do not charge transaction fees, only by points difference (buying price and selling price difference) profit.

Margin Trading

Forex trading through the use of leverage. This is one of the most efficient ways to trade, leverage means buying on margin trading in currencies, in order to increase the value of the rate of return, without having to increase the initial investment. The amount represented by multiple nominal amount of the transaction is greater than the margin exchanges needed. The initial amount is represented by multiples, the nominal amount of the transaction is greater than the margin exchanges needed. For example, if the notional amount of the transaction is $ 100,000, and the required margin is $ 2,000, the trader can take 50 times leverage ($ 100,000 / $ 2,000).

Of course, as the potential for profit is increased the corresponding potential for losses increases alongside it, The use of a high leverage trade comes with it a high level of risk, because you may have the potential to lose the entire investment. You must realize that leveraged forex trading comes with considerable risk and may not be suitable for everyone. If the market trend is against your perspective choices, your potential losses may exceed your original investment. We offer a range of trading tools to help you manage your trading risks.

Long or short calls

Different from traditional securities markets, foreign exchange trading allows your to benefit from both the rise or fall in the perspective currency that you are trading. As a forex trader, when you expect the value of a perspective currency would gain in value compared/against the first currency you are trading, you may purchase more of the currency pair, your profits will rise as the perspective exchange rates rise. In the event you expect that the initial currency within the pair is more vulnerable than the second currency, you can go short (sell) the currency pair, and your profits will rise along with exchange prices.

Market trading volume in favour of price stability

The average daily trading volume of the foreign exchange market is more than $ 5-7 trillion, it is the worlds most traded market.